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The Majestic Sands of Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Welcome to the captivating world of Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, a surreal desert destination that will leave you breathless. Located in the heart of Namibia, Sossusvlei is a mesmerizing landscape of towering sand dunes, vast salt pans, and an ethereal beauty that beckons adventurous souls. Prepare to be enchanted by the magnificence of Sossusvlei.

Awe-Inspiring Arrival at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

The first rays of the morning sun paint the dunes with a warm golden hue. The Namib Desert, with its serene silence, can only be described as beautiful. The towering dunes, reaching heights of over 300 meters, are a marvel against a backdrop of an endless azure sky. While staying at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge you can explore this vast desert playground. Sossusvlei is the oldest living desert.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Extraordinary Accommodation at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

At the Sossusvlei Desert lodge there are Superior Accommodation units that feature a patio to enjoy views over the Desert landscapes, a spacious air-conditioned twin-bedded room and a full en-suite bathroom. The Standard Family Units at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge feature two rooms back to back connected by a lockable inter-leading door between the two private bathrooms. An elegant Junior Suite boasts a spacious bedroom, living area, patio with a splash pool, large bathroom and inspiring views.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Experience the true art of Hospitality with the thoughtful touch of the attentive staff of Sossusvlei Desert Lodge to contribute to a truly memorable experience. Facilities include a sparkling pool, bar, sundowner deck, beer garden and an al fresco terrace where one can enjoy exquisite food, award-winning wines and magnificent views of the floodlit waterhole.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Dune Hiking and Sunrise Magic

Embark on an exhilarating dune hike and make your way up one of the highest dunes in the area. With each step, the sand shifts beneath your feet, making the climb both challenging and rewarding. The panoramic view is awe-inspiring. The sun, casting its gentle glow, transforms the landscape into a mesmerizing canvas of orange and red hues.

Exploring Deadvlei and Hidden Gems

Deadvlei, a surreal clay pan nestled amidst the towering dunes, is a must for your bucket list. The stark white clay surface, contrasting against the deep red sand and the ancient, twisted camel thorn trees, creates a scene that feels like stepping into a surrealist painting. The silence and tranquillity of Deadvlei is only disturbed by the occasional song of a bird or the soft whisper of the wind, adding to the ethereal ambience.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Namib-Naukluft National Park and Sesriem Canyon

Venture deep into the Namib-Naukluft National Park, and discover the captivating Sesriem Canyon. Carved over millions of years by the Tsauchab River, this narrow gorge provided a refreshing respite from the desert heat. You can follow the trail along the canyon walls, marvelling at the fascinating geological formations and the vibrant colours displayed in the rock layers, evidence of the region’s ancient history.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Hot Air Ballooning and Stargazing

To experience Sossusvlei Desert Lodge from a different perspective take to the skies in a hot air balloon at sunrise. As the balloon gently ascends, the desert will unfold and reveal its secrets from above. The tranquillity and the breathtaking views are unforgettable, allowing everyone who experiences the Namib desert to appreciate the vastness of this paradise.

In the evening, as darkness falls the enchanting display of stars is painted across the night sky. Little light pollution in the area allows Sossusvlei Desert Lodge offers to exhibit a stargazing experience like no other. The celestial canopy is ablaze with countless twinkling stars, filling you with a profound sense of awe and wonder.

A journey through Sossusvlei is a truly transformative experience. The raw beauty and dramatic landscapes of this desert wonderland will forever remain etched in your memory. From the towering dunes to the mysterious Deadvlei and the awe-inspiring starlit nights, Sossusvlei has a way of captivating the soul and reminding us of the sheer magnificence of nature.

If you seek a luxurious destination that stirs your spirit and allows you to reconnect with the grandeur of the natural world, look no further than Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Let this extraordinary place cast its spell on you, and you’ll return home with a renewed sense of wonder and a heart filled with unforgettable memories.

Capital City
Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia, offering a unique blend of cultures and languages. The predominant language is English, while German, Afrikaans, and various indigenous languages are also spoken.

The climate in Namibia varies across regions. Coastal areas experience cool temperatures with minimal rainfall, occasional fog, and daytime temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. In the interior, winter daytime temperatures are between 18°C and 25°C, with frost and temperatures below freezing at night. Summers bring average interior temperatures of 20°C to 34°C, occasionally soaring above 40°C in the northern parts. Most areas have low humidity, except for the extreme north during summer, where it can reach up to 80%. The rainy season occurs from October to April, with rainfall ranging from under 50mm along the coast to 350mm in the central interior and 700mm in Caprivi. Visitors should pack both warm and cold weather clothing accordingly.

Time Zone
Namibia follows two time zones: During the summer, from the 1st Sunday in September to the 1st Sunday in April, it is GMT+2 hours. In winter, from the 1st Sunday in April to the 1st Sunday in September, it is GMT+1 hour.

Money & Cards
The official currency is the Namibian Dollar, which is linked 1:1 with the South African Rand. Major credit/debit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and European Community cards are widely accepted. However, it is advisable to check with your bank for card acceptance. Travelers’ cheques in US dollars or South African rands are recommended.

The international dialing code for Namibia is +264, followed by the local area code. Namibia has a good telecommunications network. The main cellphone operator is MTC, which has international roaming agreements with many countries. However, cellphone coverage may be limited to urban areas. Travelers have the option to rent cellphones, and prepaid cellphone cards are available for purchase.

Internet cafes can be found throughout the country, and most hotels and lodges offer internet facilities.

Postal Services
Namibia has a reliable postal service, and airmail to Europe typically takes between 4 days and 2 weeks. Additionally, private courier services are available and known for their efficiency.

The electrical supply in Namibia is 220 volts AC, 50Hz, and the plug outlets are of the round three-pin type.

Various international airlines, including British Airways, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Eurowings, Condor, and FlyWestAir, operate flights to Namibia. Additionally, smaller air charter companies offer services within the country.

Hosea Kutako International Airport, located 40km (25 miles) from Windhoek, is the main airport serving Namibia. Other airports include Eros (Windhoek), Katima Mulilo, Rundu, Ondangwa, Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Keetmanshoop, and 16 licensed air strips. Transportation is available between the airports and the city.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Entry Requirements
Foreign visitors need passports that are valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry. Most visitors require visas, although there may be exemptions, so it’s best to check with embassies. Tourist visas can be obtained from the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs or Namibian embassies abroad. Entry fees may be payable when entering from neighboring countries.

Travelling with Children
Travelers should be aware of the specific requirements when traveling with children. It’s advisable to review the “Travelling with Children Document.”

Health & Medical
Yellow fever vaccinations are required for individuals coming from affected countries. Malaria vaccinations are recommended for those traveling to affected areas in Namibia. Vaccination regulations may change, so it’s essential to check with embassies. Namibia has good private and public medical and health facilities.

Driving & Local Transport
Driving is on the left-hand side of the roads in Namibia, and speed limits apply. An international driver’s license is necessary for driving. Vehicles must have their headlights on during the day while driving on all Namibian roads. Car rental companies are available at airports and major cities. Windhoek has regular transport services, and registered shuttle operators are recommended for tourists. There are also several trains from South Africa, including luxury tourist trains. The country has an excellent tarred major road network, with gravel and sand roads in rural areas.

Namibia is politically stable and considered a safe destination. Crime mainly occurs in urban areas. Travelers are advised to be prepared and avoid traveling alone in off-main routes.

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