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Londolozi Private Game Reserve: Your Ultimate African adventure

Step into the world of Londolozi Private Game Reserve, South Africa’s original private game reserve, where the spirit of ecotourism thrives, and conservation takes center stage.

Rooted in a proud family-run legacy for almost a century, Londolozi’s name derives from the Zulu word meaning ‘Protector Of All Living Things.’ This philosophy is woven into every aspect of the reserve, making it a beacon of progressive land and wildlife management practices and a driving force behind community involvement.

Unveil the Futuristic African Village

As you traverse the 6-million-acre African wilderness, a sense of awe will envelop you. Londolozi Private Game Reserve is not just a game reserve; it is a Futuristic African Village that beckons you to reconnect with nature and each other. Amidst this breathtaking landscape, luxurious accommodations, fine cuisine, and impeccable service await you.

Embrace the Unique Camp Experience

Londolozi Private Game Reserve offers an array of distinct camps, each tailored to cater to your desires. Varty Camp and Founders Camp, slightly larger and family-friendly, welcome children aged six and above. Varty Camp, the symbolic heart of Londolozi Private Game Reserve, boasts a 100-year history, while Founders Camp seamlessly blends classic with modern, offering a stylish insider’s view of river life.

Pioneer Camp: Your Private African Family Homestead

An Exclusive Retreat

For those seeking privacy and exclusivity, Pioneer Camp is an idyllic choice. With only three suites, this private African family homestead is perfect for small groups of friends or multi-generational families. Glass skywalks link two suites, creating interconnected family units, allowing you to feel ‘at home’ while surrounded by the African wilderness.

Indulge in Meditative Luxury

Pioneer Camp celebrates meditative luxury—a return to simplicity and harmony with nature. Witness the African sunsets from a river bar suspended above the Sand River, where herds of elephants amble by, creating an unforgettable scene. Relax and revel in the private interactive kitchen, where family bonds grow stronger around the long table, just like at home.

Private Granite Suites: An Exclusive Villa

Celebrate Elegance and Elephants

Unravel in unparalleled luxury at the Private Granite Suites—an exclusive villa that embodies elegance and elephants. Nestled along the Sand River, the suites blur the lines between inside and outside, providing a seamless connection with nature. Luxuriate in private outdoor baths and heated swimming pools while being mesmerized by the wildlife passing by.

Romantic Getaway

The Private Granite Suites are an ideal escape for couples looking to connect intimately with nature and each other. Revel in the simplicity and beauty of the African wilderness, surrounded by silver, charcoal, and elephant-grey palettes—the essence of Africa’s raw allure.

Tree Camp: A Sanctuary of Elegance and Simplicity

An Intimate Encounter with Wildlife

At Londolozi Tree Camp, elegance meets simplicity in an intimate sanctuary nestled within the leadwood tree canopy. This stylish family-run camp offers a direct encounter with the wild leopards that roam the reserve, making it a remarkable journey into wilderness.

Champagne Amongst Elephants

Spend leisurely afternoons on the Tree Camp deck, sipping champagne as elephants gracefully pass through the river below. As night descends, the camp comes alive with lanterns and laughter, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation and joy.

Founders Camp: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present

A Fusion of Classic and Modern

Founders Camp, an ode to the pioneering spirit of Londolozi, embodies classic elegance with modern comforts. Set against ancient ebony and Matumi trees along the Sand River, this camp exudes a sense of history and connection with nature.

Earthly Design, Soothing Ambience

The camp’s earthy design embraces raw elements of nature—rock, fire, wood, and earth—creating a harmonious and calming environment. Founders Camp celebrates simple sophistication, allowing guests to rest, relax, and experience the secrets of river life.

Gourmet Safari Cuisine: A Culinary Adventure

Authentic African Delights

At Londolozi Private Game Reserve, they believe that superb African cuisine is an integral part of the safari experience. Each day, indulge in culinary delights expertly crafted to complement your wildlife adventure. From game drives with home-made morsels to al fresco lunches and fireside banquets, every meal promises an unforgettable taste of Africa.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Londolozi Private Game Reserve are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, favoring home-grown organic produce, free-range game, and locally sourced seafood. Londolozi Private Game Reserve’s culinary selection reflects our dedication to conserve the world we treasure.

Unravel Londolozi Family Recipes and Exclusive Wines

Delve into the rich heritage of Londolozi with cherished family recipes and discover a curated selection of exceptional South African wines. Londolozi Private Game Reserve experienced sommelier ensures a diverse and balanced wine selection, capturing the essence of our ‘family-run’ ethos.

Children on Safari: A Family Adventure

Unforgettable Family Moments

Londolozi Private Game Reserve offers a unique and engaging family safari experience. Children embark on exciting game drives that become wonderful learning experiences, fostering connections with the wilderness and each other.

Tailored Activities for Kids

Cubs Den promises to find the perfect activities for each child’s personality. From tracking wildlife to interactive games, children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the African bush while the rest of the family enjoys their chosen experiences.

Getting Around: Seamless Travel Experience

Private Charters from Johannesburg

Enhance your safari adventure with private charters, providing the ultimate convenience and safety. VIP meet-and-greet services will guide you through the airport, delivering you straight to the Londolozi airstrip.

Federal Air and SA Airlink

Travel comfortably with Federal Air or SA Airlink from Johannesburg to Skukuza Airport, where a private safari guide will greet you with open-air land rovers, ushering you directly to Londolozi.

Explore Londolozi Private Game Reserve, where luxury, conservation, and unforgettable memories converge to create an African adventure like no other. It’s time to reconnect with nature, embrace the rich legacy of the wilderness, and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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