Total height – 22cm/8,6in Weight – 4kg/9lbs

Their name comes from their ‘warts’ or protrusions on the sides of their face, these protrusions are a combination of bone and cartilage. It protects their face when they fight.
They sleep underground at night in burrows that they steal from other animals such as aardvark. They don’t dig their own.
Female warthogs let their babies go into their burrows first, then they back into the burrow so that if anything comes into the burrow as a threat she can run out and protect them.

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Total height – 22cm/8,6in Weight – 4kg/9lbs

Introducing the Bronze Warthog Sculpture – an exquisite piece of art capturing the spirit and resilience of these fascinating creatures. Standing tall at 22cm/8.6in and weighing a solid 4kg/9lbs, this majestic sculpture proudly rests on a sleek marble base, adding an extra touch of elegance to its overall presentation.

The inspiration behind their name stems from the distinctive ‘warts’ or protrusions adorning the sides of their faces, crafted skillfully in this sculpture, reflecting their unique charm. These facial features, composed of a blend of bone and cartilage, serve a vital purpose – protecting their faces during fierce battles, making them formidable warriors in the animal kingdom.

When the night falls, warthogs exhibit their clever and resourceful nature, seeking refuge underground in burrows. It’s intriguing to note that they don’t dig their own burrows but rather repurpose ones they’ve ‘borrowed’ from other animals like aardvarks, demonstrating their ability to adapt and coexist with their surroundings.

The maternal instincts of female warthogs are nothing short of remarkable. Prioritizing the safety of their young ones, they let their babies enter the burrows first before backing in themselves. This strategic move enables them to keep a vigilant watch and promptly defend their offspring from potential threats that may intrude.

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this Bronze Warthog Sculpture serves as a captivating homage to these incredible creatures’ strength and nurturing spirit. Its graceful presence and thought-provoking symbolism make it a meaningful addition to any art collection or decor.

We take great pride in offering global shipping convenience, delivered securely and efficiently through FedEx, so that admirers of wildlife art worldwide can cherish this exquisite masterpiece. Bring home the essence of the untamed with the Bronze Warthog Sculpture and elevate your space with its undeniable allure.




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