Mum Length = 52cm   Height = 26cm   Weight = 9kg
Baby Length = 20cm   Height = 14cm   Weight = 1,4kg

This Rhino & baby sculpture has been dedicated to celebrate the birth of Blizzy, the first rhino calf in history born from orphaned rhino parents. Both the mother Wyntir and the father Storm were orphaned when poachers killed their respective mothers while they were still very young calves. Wyntir and Storm underwent extensive care and rehabilitation before entering the CARE FOR WILD RHINO SANCTUARY rewilding and release programme.

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Mum Length = 52cm   Height = 26cm   Weight = 9kg
Baby Length = 20cm   Height = 14cm   Weight = 1,4kg

Introducing “Wyntir & Blizzy: A Historical Event” Bronze Sculpture

Celebrate the heartwarming journey of Wyntir and her baby, Blizzy, with this exquisite bronze sculpture. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this captivating piece immortalizes the remarkable story of the first-ever rhino calf, Blizzy, born from orphaned rhino parents.

Wyntir and Storm, Blizzy’s mother and father, faced unimaginable challenges in their early lives. Both were tragically orphaned when poachers mercilessly took the lives of their mothers, leaving them vulnerable and alone. Through dedicated care and rehabilitation, they found sanctuary in the renowned CARE FOR WILD RHINO SANCTUARY rewilding and release program.

Blizzy, the embodiment of hope and resilience, symbolizes the preciousness of life and the possibilities that await not only for her species but for humanity as well.

This momentous occasion marked a deeply emotional turning point for Petronel Nieuwoudt, the Founder and CEO of Care for Wild, and the compassionate team behind the world’s largest orphaned rhino sanctuary. Specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation, release, and protection of these endangered creatures, Care for Wild’s mission is truly awe-inspiring.

Wyntir’s past struggles speak to her name – a testament to the adversity she overcame in her journey to survival. At a tender age of just two months and weighing a mere 107kg, Wyntir was rescued from Kingfisherspruit in the Kruger National Park. Her battle-scarred body bore witness to the brutal attack by hyenas that left her ears torn and wounds severe. Storm, equally a survivor, endured the devastating loss of his entire family to poachers over a decade ago when he was just a four-week-old calf.

Both Wyntir and Storm are part of a remarkable group of over 100 rhino orphans that have been given a second chance at life since the inception of the conservation project in 2011.

This bronze sculpture serves as a poignant reminder of the strength of the human spirit, the power of compassion, and the crucial role we play in preserving the natural world. With each purchase, you contribute to the vital conservation efforts of Care for Wild, ensuring a brighter future for these magnificent creatures.

Capture the essence of this historical event and bring home a piece of art that transcends time, encapsulating the enduring love between a mother and her baby rhino.



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