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Height – 9,5cm / 3,7in

Solid pewter sculpture of an elephant, with a beautiful satin finish.

Elephants are smart, emotional, self-aware and highly social creatures.

Elephants will walk at the pace of their slowest member, with infants surrounded by nurturing members of the herd, and their young babies are always protected from the elements, like the wind, the rain and the sun.
They are known for their incredible memory. Matriarchs will remember the trails and watering holes and how to navigate the seasons, all knowledge handed down by their ancestors for generations, and knowledge so vital for their survival.

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Height – 9,5cm / 3,7in

Introducing our stunning Pewter Elephant with Trunk Up, standing at an impressive height of 9.5cm (3.7 inches). Crafted from solid pewter, this exquisite sculpture captures the majestic presence of elephants with its beautiful satin finish.

Elephants, known for their remarkable intelligence, deep emotions, and self-awareness, are among the most social and nurturing creatures on Earth. Just like their real counterparts, this pewter elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, and unity within the herd.

In the wild, elephants display incredible teamwork and compassion, always caring for their young ones and protecting them from the elements. They walk at the pace of the slowest member, emphasizing the importance of unity and support within their community.

With their exceptional memory, matriarchs pass down vital knowledge from one generation to the next, such as the trails, watering holes, and seasonal patterns. This knowledge is essential for the survival of the herd, reflecting the significance of ancestral wisdom and heritage.

Our pewter elephant sculpture serves as a reminder of these awe-inspiring qualities, making it a meaningful and thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one. Grace your home or office with this elegant and symbolic piece, and embrace the strength and harmony represented by the noble elephant.

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